Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about following nature and the seasons, however this can be difficult in the world we live in today.  But as long as we have an awareness and incorporate small changes this can have a positive impact on our health and happiness.

Springtime in Chinese Medicine is the time for growth and creativity.  It is all about expansion upward and outward. Nature wakes up from its winter slumber, tiny buds begin to appear, daffodils sprout upward, the days start to get slightly longer and animals wake up from hibernation.  Winter has been all about reserving energy, inward reflection, eating plentiful warming and nourishing foods.  The question is how many of us actually do this? We all (myself included) set our new year resolutions, it is usually either some hardcore exercise regime or a strict calorie controlled diet but if we look at what we should be doing in winter it is certainly not that and then we wonder why we never stick to our resolutions!

So when is the right time? Spring of course! We have that saying let’s give the house a “spring clean” well it’s our bodies that need the spring clean at this time too. Spring in Chinese Medicine relates to the organs of the Liver and Gallbladder so this is perfect timing to detoxify and exercise. Maybe try cutting down on the caffeine or alcohol. The Liver also relates to the taste of sour, so add a slice of lemon to your water and the colour is green so yes you guessed it, eat lots of greens!

The Liver is also responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of energy throughout our bodies, this is where we need to get moving, start up that exercise class you have been thinking about. Equally important is stress and frustration so if your fed up in your job, change it, thinking of starting up something new, perhaps a new business then start it.

So go on that thing you have been wanting to do or dreaming about now is the time to put it into action, it’s all about growth!