I accept card or cash payments both locations.

Appointment fees 

  • First appointment – £60 for 90 mins
  • Follow up appointments – £50 for 60 mins
  • Purchase a block of 6 treatments for £275. Saving £25.00
  • Cupping and massage 60 mins £50
  • Gua Sha and massage 60 mins £50

Acupuncture and extended massage/cupping or Gua Sha 90mins £50.00

A longer treatment for those who would like an extended time of massage, cupping or Gua Sha before Acupuncture. This is aimed at those who require or would like a longer massage, cupping or gua sha alongside Acupuncture.

Swedish Massage 60 mins £50.00

A full body massage, which is also sometimes known as a classic massage. The aim is to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension. This type of massage is much gentler than a sports massage and is not used as a remedial therapy. This is more about relaxation and releasing tension. The benefits of this type of massage are to increase blood flow, lymph drainage and relax you!

During most massages it involves the whole body, however if there is an area of concern for you then we can spend a little more time on this area.


1st Appointment 90 mins £50
Follow ups 60 mins £40

Private Health Insurance

Did you know that many private health insurance companies will pay for some acupuncture treatments. Check out the link to British Acupuncture council.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment please give at least 24 hours notice, failure to do so will result in the full fee being payable (please note this does not apply to short notice cancellation due to Covid).


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