COVID-19 and Patient Safety

I have made some changes to my practice so that you can safely and confidently benefit from my services.

1. Before your appointment.

I will need to check whether it is safe to treat you at the moment. I will either email or telephone you to ask you some questions, which will include:

  • Do you have symptoms of Covid-19 infection.
  • Are you considered “clinically vulnerable” or ‘extremely clinically vulnerable and so at greater risk.

If I decide it is not safe to you to come into the clinic I will explain why. Before giving any treatment I will ask you to read and sign a consent form before your appointment can go ahead.

2. Going to the clinic.

Special arrangement‘s have now been but in place to safeguard you when you come for a treatment.

  • Travel light if possible.
  • I would prefer for you to bring your own towel, I can supply one if needed. Please bring your own water.
  • Please come to the clinic alone unless you need a chaperone, parent or carer.
  • Try to arrive on time – not early or late.
  • Follow any advice displayed at the clinic.
  • Please wear a mask before entering the building; I can supply one if needed.
  • Where possible, use contactless payment.
  • I will need to ask screening Covid-19 questions again which serves as my written record.

The government has created new procedures for test, track and trace. I now have a legal obligation to comply with this. Displayed at my clinic is a poster displaying my QR code. If your phone is compatible can you please download the NHS Covid-19 App so that upon arrival it will allow you to quickly and easily check in. Please note that you are under no obligation to scan the QR Code and during my consent form for Covid-19 I will already have collected your information, this is all of course with your prior consent.

3. During your treatment

  • I will be wearing some form of personal protective equipment.
  • I will inform you of where and when to wash your hands and any other hygiene and safety procedures.

4. After your appointment

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 within 48 hours of having acupuncture, please immediately inform.

  • NHS test and trace service.
  • Your Acupuncturist.


If you wish to get more detailed information about my acupuncture services, click on the contact me button.

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